About Me

My name is Brian Scott Morris. I am currently a second year Sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo since Fall of 1998. I am living in the returning student dorms on campus in Whitney Hall. My Current Schedule shows what I am taking this quarter (NOT semester) and that I am quite busy as a result. I am also working as a "Software Developer" and "Systems Administrator" at Terran Interactive in town this quarter (denoted by "Terran" in my schedule). I am also a tutor for the Computer Science dept.

My friend Paul (from Cal Poly) has his own domain (through which I have my email forwarding) at sigkill.com. There's stuff in there about me, too.

You can also see a history of my class schedules.

More to come...

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Brian Morris
Last Modified: 16 January 2000